Corporate Responsibility

JayMac Sports Product Sourcing, Safety, Sustainability, Social Responsibility Philosophy:


At JayMac Sports Products, we take pride in our domestic sourcing philosophy. We are a full service manufacturer of NCAA merchandise, and also an authorized manufacturer for NFL, MLB, NHL licensees.

JayMac specializes in full color dye sublimation. We take raw goods such as polyester fabric, and cut, sew and print the many items we produce. Our corporate philosophy is to source made in America raw materials to produce our items. While so many businesses in our industry source their items overseas, we still believe in the American worker and develop and produce 99% of our items in our 100,000 square foot facility in Florence, SC.

When considering new items to add to our approved product list, domestic sourcing is typically a must. Our print on demand ability allows us to operate with great speed and reduce the costs of inventory, while at the same time offering more designs than anyone in our product category. Domestic sourcing fits our business model as we often need quick turns of raw goods to keep up with seasonal demand.

JayMac believes that sourcing in America is the best philosophy and the safest model to ensure that our corporate code of conduct is shared by our raw goods suppliers. We prefer to have control of the items that we make and be assured that the raw goods we are sourcing are being produced by those companies with like-minded values.

JayMac is a volunteer participant in the OSHA business program. We have annual factory audits to ensure that facility is compliant with national safety standards, and employee rights.   We are an equal opportunity employer and employee a predominately female and minority staff. Our compensation package is equal to or greater than industry standard. We do not compensate our sewing staff using a piece rate program. We feel that piece rate sewing leads to a lower quality product and our reputation for quality merchandise takes a higher priority to our organization.

JayMac Sports Products takes our social responsibility and environmental sustainability seriously. Our inks are water based and non hazardous. We have a recycling program where our paper products are recycled and reused on a continuous basis. Many of our employees are community volunteers in their churches and recreational programs. JayMac donates resources and time to various community organizations including Kiwanas, school work programs, and sewing education.   We utilize the South Carolina unemployment agency to interview and hire new employees in our area in order to give back and offer employment to our local community.