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American Made / Reusable / Sustainable Mask

Churches everywhere are struggling.  We'd like to do our part by helping them. JayMac Sports is donating 10% of the proceeds from the mask to a Local Church of your choice.  

Also, Many folks are buying masks and having us ship them to hospitals, nursing homes, doctors offices etc.  What a great way to give.  Tell us if you'd like to do that and we will take care of it for you.  


 Our Masks are made to be a barrier "the last line of defense"  -- The two tie system provides allows the user to wear the mask as tight or loose as you choose.  The masks have stretch properties that conform to the contours of your face. Being Used to Help Extend the Life of the N95. 


1. Are they FDA approved.

  • NO. but we are working towards FDA approval, this could happen this week.
  • We are CDC compliant in what the CDC has laid out for Face Masks. 
  • Every Clinic, Hospital and Government contract we have had, our mask has been signed off by there authorized agent.
  • There have been tests done on our mask by Epidemiologists and the results are encouraging but we cannot share that information yet.

2. What are the benefits between single layer mask and double layer mask?

  • The feedback we are getting is that the single layer mask is very easy to wear all day in terms of breathability. It is being used widely in clinics across the country.
  • The double layer provides another layer of protection and is still breathable and comfortable. 


Manufacturing Note:

Due to enormous increases in Fabric and Nylon Strap Demand across the USA, Masks and/or Ties may vary in color and Tie Width.  We are currently using an assortment of 3/8. 5/8, and 1 Inch width ties with our masks.   We will do our best to make sure your order has consistent colors throughout but keep in mind that while the color and placement of the tie may vary, the mask will fit the same.